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Our Process

How it works

The steps are straightforward:

We set up a time to assess your home. This walk through takes about 30 minutes. There is no need to provide information about your home, it's history, or what needs to be fixed. I will bring you a verbal offer within 24 hours of my assessment.

Next, you decide if this offer works for you. If so, we agree to a price and closing date. I write up the terms using the standard Colorado residential contract. You review and sign the contract. Then I send the contract and earnest money to the title company to begin the closing process.

Finally, you receive cash the day we close and hand over the keys. 

Old simple white and wood kitchen with h
Couple with Dogs

No agents
No showings
No repairs
No inspections

Unlike selling your house on the market, my process allows you the freedom to pack up your belongings in peace. You don't need to fix anything or have people traipse through your home hassling you to make repairs.

No commissions or closing fees

Many people feel uncomfortable paying the fees collected by real estate agents  and title companies. I cover all of these costs - the offer I make you is the cash you walk away with.  

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